Visualizing the Outcome of Matches of a Tournament in a Single Display




Sports analytics, Data Visualization, Semi-graphic display


Visualization has by now become an integral part of modern-day research. With the advances in computation technology data display is extensively used in different fields of research, making data more explanatory and insightful. Graphical displays have also become very popular in sports, especially for television audiences. But with the improvement in technology, different stakeholders associated with sports have made use of data for measuring the performance of players, framing strategy, etc. Statistical graphics and tools of data visualization have played a significant role in sports analytics. In this paper, the authors try to develop a semi-graphical display that can be utilized to visualize the schedule of the tournament along with the outcome of all the matches. To explain how the display works, data from the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup of 2022 was used. In the said tournament-12 teams participated. Though the cricket tournament is taken as an example to produce the display the presentation can be extended to other sports as well where more teams participate. Some potential areas where the display can be used are also discussed.


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Visualizing the Outcome of Matches of a Tournament in a Single Display. (2023). Journal of Social Sciences and Economics, 2(2), 44-48.

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