For Reviewers

We appreciate applications to join our community of peer reviewers. Please send an email with your detailed resume to the Journal editor and create an account as a reviewer in Journal and include your research interest in the profile.

Editors and Reviewers

Editors and reviewers should decline to be involved with a submission when they

Peer review Process

There is no specific structure; however, the reviewer report should comprehensively critique the submission and consist of more than a few brief sentences. The report should give authors constructive analysis, particularly where revisions are recommended.

To help authors receive timely reviews, it is requested that reviewer reports should be submitted via the online system on or before the deadline. Reviewers should contact us if they are unable to meet the deadline.

We encourage reviewers to focus their reports on objectively critiquing the submission's scientific aspects, including the methodology's soundness and whether the results can support the conclusions. At the end of their review, we ask reviewers to recommend one of the following actions:

However, it is important to note that the Editor will make the overall decision.

While expectations vary by discipline, some core aspects that reviewers should critique may include the following:

Where reviewers do not wish authors to see certain comments, these can be added to the confidential comments of the Academic Editor.

Reviewers must declare any remaining interests in the ‘Confidential’ section of the review form, which the editor will consider.

Editors and reviewers must declare if they have previously discussed the manuscript with the authors.

Editors and reviewers do not ask authors to include references merely to increase citations to their own work, to the journal, or to another associated journal. For Publication Ethics, please see the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Manuscripts under peer review should be strictly confidential. Reviewers must not share manuscripts or discuss their content with anyone outside the peer review process.