Study on ecotourism development in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan


  • Fahad Ali Inner Mongolia Normal University



Gilgit, Baltistan, Cultural ecology, Ecotourism, Integrated development


Gilgit Baltistan is representative of the correlation between eco-tourism and local economic development in Pakistan, but there is a lack of research on eco-tourism in this region. This paper aims to provide theoretical basis and strategic direction for the coordinated development of tourism development, ecological protection, economic development, social benefits, and ecological benefits in this region. This paper systematically analyzes the stage of transformation and upgrading of local ecotourism development, and deeply explores the problems and causes. The popularity of cultural tourism brings new opportunities for Gilgit Baltistan, but some practical problems and conflicts are constantly exposed in the process of tourism development. This study tried to address that how to develop the cultural ecology of Gilgit Baltistan in a protective way and realize the harmonious development of economic value and ecological society has thrown up a difficult problem for the construction of eco-tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. This paper uses SWOT analysis to extract and summarize the internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and challenges of Gilgit Baltistan's eco-tourism, so as to provide appropriate strategies for the development of local eco-tourism and clarify development goals and priorities.


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Study on ecotourism development in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. (2023). Journal of Social Sciences and Economics, 2(2), 74-81.

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