Language Editing Services

Language Editing Services

We offer comprehensive manuscript proofreading and editing services. Whether you are a scientist, researcher, student, corporate manager, journal publisher, university, research group/institute, or a pharmaceutical company, we have the required editing services for your need.

We focuses mainly on manuscripts and books from developing and non-English Language speaking countries because non-native English speaking authors' works often suffer rejections by prestigious publishers due to poor English structure. We significantly improve the language and presentation of articles simply by proofreading, editing and formatting articles to meet the structure and standard of the publisher in which authors intend to publish with. 

Our services include proofreading; editing and formatting of articles to meet the structure and standard of the journal in which authors intend publishing their articles; correction of grammar errors; deleting of redundant sentences; fixing problem sentences; replacing inappropriate words; and getting rid of obvious spelling errors; re-arranging sentences and paragraphs (if the need arises), so as to improve the overall clarity and organization of your reports while still retaining its original meaning.


A native English speaker will check your paper's grammar, spelling, punctuation and phrasing to improve its readability. (Completed in 7 business days)

The charge for a manuscript of between 1-20 pages of double spaced text with font size 12 (excluding Tables and Figures); depend on the type of service requested for by the author. Service types and their corresponding charges are as shown below:

Service Type Charges
Express (Within 72 hours) 150 US Dollars (VAT inclusive)
Standard (Within 5 working days) 120 US Dollars (VAT inclusive)
Regular (Within 10 working days) 100 US Dollars (VAT inclusive)

Payments can be made through credit cards such as Visa card, MasterCard or electronic bank transfer into our corporate account. Instructions on how to pay processing fee will be sent to authors after their manuscripts have been accepted for proofreading and editing.

Note: All timeframes quoted are from the receipt of payment. Business days are Monday to Friday. Public holidays are not business days. For more information, send us an email:

Our proofread office address USA

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Contact: Jennifer Lawrence 
Call us now: +1 713 492 7683